Other forceps

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  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Number Description
    D2070 Indirect laryngeal forceps with 3 heads
    Number Description Image
    D2021(rotating head)
    D2022(open to font)
    D2023(open to back)
    D2024(open to left)
    D2025(open to right)
    Laryngeal polyp forceps
    D2026(open to font)
    D2027(open to back)
    D2028(open to left)
    D2029(open to right)
    Laryngeal polyp forceps (45°260mm)
    D2030(rotating head)
    Laryngeal forceps
    D2035(open to front)
    D2036(open to left)
    D2037(open to right)
    D2038(open to back)
    D2039(rotating head)
    D2040(left + right)
    Fish bone catching forceps
    D2041 Laryngeal forceps
    D2042(open to left and right) Laryngeal cutting forceps
    Number Description
    D2055 Laryngeal pustule cutting forceps with sution and irrigation
    Number Description
    D20401(open to up) Fish bone catching forceps
    D20402(open to left) Fish bone catching forceps
    D20423 (open to right) Fish bone catching forceps
    Number Description Image
    D2071(open to left)
    D2072(open to right)
    D2073(open to up)
    D2074(open to down)
    Indirect laryngeal forceps
    D20711(open to left)
    D20721(open to right)
    D20731(open to up)
    D20741(open to down)
    Laryngeal polyp forceps (45°260mm)
    Number Description
    D20581 Tonsil forceps 6.5x17mm
    Number Description
    D20582 Tonsil forceps 5.5x15mm
    Number Description
    D2057 Tonsil gland scissor
    Number Description
    D2058 Angled with 3 claws
    D2059 Angled with 3 teeth
    Number Description
    D2060 Micro curved 180mm
    D2061 Angled curved 180mm
    D20601 Micro curved 200mm
    Number Description
    D2062 Tonsil forceps (straight groove 180mm)
    D2063 Tonsil forceps (curved groove 180mm)
    D20621 Tonsil forceps (straight without groove 180mm)
    D20631 Tonsil forceps (curved without groove180mm)
    D20624 Tonsil forceps (straight without groove 250mm)
    D20634 Tonsil forceps (curved without groove 250mm)
    Number Description
    D2068 Thyroid scissor
    Number Description
    D2089 Tongue grasping forceps

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