Probe & Elevator

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  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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    Number Description Note
    B2220 Nasal probe
    Number Description Image
    B25021 Elevator suction tube Φ3.5x75mm
    B25026 Elevator suction tube Φ3.5x145mm
    B250211 Elevator suction tube Φ3.5x75mm rotatable
    B25022 Elevator suction tube Φ2.5x60mm
    B250210 Elevator suction tube Φ2.5x60mm rotatable
    Number Description Image
    B250214 Nasal elevator 0° Φ2.5x80mm rotatable
    B250220 Nasal elevator 45° Φ2.5x80mm rotatable
    Number Description Note
    B25054 Nasal elevator and knife
    Number Description Note
    B2604 Nasal curete 2x6x90°
    Number Description Note
    B2607 Nasal probe Φ2.0 and Φ1.4
    Number Description Note
    B2607 Nasal probe Φ1.6mm x 210mm
    Number Description Note
    B2602 Nasal curete with suction Φ2.5 x 90mm
    B26021 Nasal curete with suction Φ2.5 x 60mm
    B26022 Nasal curete with suction Φ2.5 x 45mm
    B26023 Nasal curete with suction Φ2.5 x 40mm
    Number Description Image
    B2031 Nasal mucosa knife
    B20441 Nasal curete (L)
    B20442 Nasal curete (M)
    B20443 Nasal curete (S)
    B20451 Nasal curete (0° L)
    B20452 Nasal curete (0° M)
    B20453 Nasal curete (0° S)
    B20461 Nasal curete (15° L)
    B20462 Nasal curete (15° M)
    B20463 Nasal curete (15° S)
    B20471 Nasal curete (30° L)
    B20472 Nasal curete (30° M)
    B20473 Nasal curete (30° S)
    B20481 Nasal curete (45° L)
    B20482 Nasal curete (45° M)
    B20483 Nasal curete (45° S)
    B20491 Nasal curete (90° L)
    B20492 Nasal curete (90° M)
    B20493 Nasal curete (90° S)
    B20494 Nasal curete
    B2089 Nasal curete, forward, 190mm
    B2090 Nasal curete, backward, 190mm
    B2112 Nasal curete with hole
    B2113 Nasal curete without hole
    B2061 Nasal septum elevator
    B2062 Nasal septum elevator 15°
    B2063 Nasal septum elevator 30°
    B20621 Nasal septum elevator (long flat handle)
    B20622 Nasal septum elevator
    B2064 Nasal septum elevator 45°
    B2066 Nasal septum elevator, round head
    B2117 Nasal septum elevator
    B2507 Nasal probe
    Number Description Note
    B2607 Nasal septum elevator. double head
    Number Description Note
    B26072 Nasal foreign body hook, ring
    Number Description Note
    B26072 Nasal septum elevator
    Number Description Note
    B2505 Nasal knife
    Number Description Note
    B2608 Nasal septum elevator

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